When choosing siding, energy savings is often overlooked. we concern ourselves with only the appearance and selection of siding such as brick, vinyl, stucco, cedar, or aluminum. Before starting any siding project, it important to focus on the fundamentals before choosing the aesthetic vision. Remember the walls of your home is the shield to your home. A weak shield can influence many factors in your home such as a draft in your home to a high energy bill.

Exterior siding improves value of your home. Aside from your interior walls, what more is important than your exterior aesthetics. You’ll want to start with making a decision to match your personal aesthetic values. Factors to consider can range from the design, materials, which can range from a tough rustic brick to a natural cedar wood. It is important to protect your home with a strong shield where it is resistant to the elements, create the sense of aesthetic awe, and increase your overall savings for years to come.

With many different types of siding products out there, where do we start? It starts with contacting C&S Remodeling today.

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